MEA – motion energy analysis

Motion Energy Analysis (MEA) is an objective automated method that continuously monitors the amount of movement occurring in pre-defined regions of interest.
This page includes information on tool availability and possible applications.

The basic prerequisites for MEA are a static camera position, stable light conditions, and digitized film material.

Screen-shot of MEA 4.0b (running under MAX/MSP 7)

I have used MEA in several empirical studies of nonverbal behavior in clinical settings and in healthy dyads.
For detailed information, please refer to the following publication:

  • Ramseyer, F., & Tschacher, W. (2011). Nonverbal synchrony in psychotherapy: Coordinated body-movement reflects relationship quality and outcome. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 79(3), 284-295. doi:10.1037/a0023419


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